Chocolate Covered Strawberry - Bliss Artisan

Mango Sorbet (GF, DF))

This sweet treat takes about 15 pounds of mangos for each batch to create an incredibly refreshing dairy-free flavor.
Chocolate Covered Strawberry - Bliss Artisan

Mangonada (GF, DF))

Mango sorbet with chunks of mango and chamoy folded in.

This sweet treat takes about 10 pounds of mangos for each batch. We then fold mango chunks and chamoy into the final product to create an incredibly refreshing dairy-free flavor.
Maple Bourbon Bacon - Bliss Artisan

Maple Bourbon Bacon

We add pure maple syrup to our base. Then, we add maple bourbon during the boiling process— cooking out the alcohol content.  Finally, cooked bacon is folded into the final, savory ice cream.
Mississippi Mud (GF) - Bliss Artisan

Mississippi Mud (GF)

Our chocolatey chocolate ice cream with marshmallow creme folded in helps to create this sinfully delicious ice cream.
PB & J (GF) - Bliss Artisan

PB & J (GF)

We create a creamy peanut butter base, then fold Smucker's grape jelly into the peanut butter ice cream to create an amazing childhood favorite. 
Pecan Pie - Bliss Artisan

Pecan Pie

We fold an entire baked pecan pie (including the crust and filling) into our delectable ice cream base.
Peppermint Bark (GF) - Bliss Artisan

Peppermint Bark (GF)

We create this year round flavor by adding a hint of pure peppermint extract to the base along with crumbled peppermint pieces followed by the addition of tempered Ghirardelli dark chocolate which is poured into the mix during the final seconds of churning which causes a freezing and "crackling" of the chocolate.
Pineapple Strawberry Sorbet (GF & DF) - Bliss Artisan

Pineapple Strawberry Sorbet (GF & DF)

This sweet treat takes 16 pounds of strawberries and six pounds of pineapple for each batch. We begin by roasting the strawberries; this roasting process enhances the strawberries’ natural flavor. Next, we puree the pineapple to create an incredibly refreshing dairy-free flavor. 
Pretzel and Brown Sugar - Bliss Artisan

Pretzel and Brown Sugar

Our base has a brown sugar sauce added, then we fold in broken pretzel sticks for a balanced sweet and salty flavor.
Red Velvet - Bliss Artisan

Red Velvet

We use red velvet cake batter as opposed to cake to create this luscious ice cream. Cream cheese icing is then folded into the final product.

Roasted Pistachio (GF) - Bliss Artisan

Roasted Pistachio (GF)

We chop roasted pistachios and churn them into our ice cream base to create a wonderfully balanced sweet and salty flavor.

S'mores - Bliss Artisan


We hand-craft a s'more! Using fresh graham crackers, Ghirardelli chocolate, and torch-roasted marshmallows, these made-from-scratch s'mores are broken and added to our base to create an unforgettable campfire s'more taste.

Sea Salted Caramel (GF) - Bliss Artisan

Sea Salted Caramel (GF)

We start with dry sugar, melt it down, and add it to our base. This creates what most consider to be the richest and creamiest form of salted caramel.
Spearmint Chocolate Chip (GF) - Bliss Artisan

Spearmint Chocolate Chip (GF)

Our twist on the classic "mint chocolate chip" utilizes pure spearmint extract instead of peppermint extract. This twist offers a refreshingly cool taste to our already incredible ice cream. We then fold Ghiradelli chocolate chips into the finished product.
Strawberry (GF) - Bliss Artisan

Strawberry (GF)

We roast our strawberries and fold them into our luxurious ice cream to create our most intense strawberry flavor.

Strawberry Cheesecake - Bliss Artisan

Strawberry Cheesecake

We begin by roasting fresh strawberries then fold them into our lovely ice cream along with the addition of graham crackers. What sets our cheesecake ice cream apart from our other flavors is the addition of cream cheese to the base.
Sweet Cream (GF) - Bliss Artisan

Sweet Cream (GF)

We do not add flavoring (eg. vanilla) to Sweet Cream ice cream, making it perfect for your in-store floats, shakes, and affogatos.
White Chocolate Mocha (GF) - Bliss Artisan

White Chocolate Mocha (GF)

Using freshly roasted coffee beans from JavAroma Roasters, a micro-roastery in Mitchell, Indiana, we grind the beans seconds before adding them to the white chocolate cocoa mixture. We then fold Ghirardelli white chocolate chips into this lovely ice cream.