Our Beginning

Our humble story began in the quaint, touristy town of New Harmony, Indiana in 2012. I, an "empty-nester" owned a small boutique specializing in repurposed furniture while Woody had been in the "corporate world" for many years. While running my boutique, I noticed a reoccurring question amongst visitors..."does New Harmony have an ice cream shop?" And with that, our wheels began to spin.

Our main goal early on was to offer what some would call, "homemade ice cream" that was made in Indiana. We began visiting shops around Indiana, but kept hitting the same obstacle...how do we get it from the small "mom & pop" shops to New Harmony. Upon leaving what would inevitably be our last ice cream shop visit, I looked at my husband and said, "I think you can do this". And, within a week, he had ordered ingredients, a small tabletop ice cream machine and a few "how-to" books on ice cream techniques.

The road to making what we felt to be the creamiest ice cream available did not come easy. Woody did not want to simply copy someones recipe. He wanted the recipes to be our own. Many batches went down the drain, many never hardened, still more had a "gritty" texture. However, we never gave up. And, ten months later, we were serving our first scoop of artisan ice cream on a snowy March 1st day in 2013. By July of 2013, after much prayer, a decision was made to cash in our 401k and expand the business. Many thought we were crazy, but following what became our passion ended up being the greatest (and happiest) decision of our lives.

Our Ice Cream

Many people ask, "How did you come up with 'Bliss Artisan' as your name?" Well, we knew we wanted to tie New Harmony into the name since at the time, that is where it was being created. We also knew that among other things, New Harmony was known as a Utopia. And, since "Utopia Ice Cream" didn't have a nice ring to it, we looked up synonyms for "utopia" and bliss was the first word we stumbled on.

Our ice cream is unique in that we handcraft it (artisan) in very small batches. What sets us apart is the density. We do not whip a lot of air into our ice cream resulting in an incredibly creamy texture. We jokingly tell people "a pint of our ice cream probably weighs as much as most store-bought half gallon boxes of ice cream."

We use very unique ingredients when creating our ice cream. We believe in texture and that is why, for example, when making our pecan pie ice cream, we literally fold an entire pie into each batch. It is for this reason that we do not offer toppings at any or our locations. We feel our ice cream is perfect without adding any additional toppings.

We hope that our passion is evident in every bite of ice cream.