Bliss Artisan

We create the ice cream... YOU create the pizza!

Our ice cream is unique in that we handcraft it (artisan) in very small batches. What sets us apart is the density. We do not whip a lot of air into our ice cream resulting in an incredibly creamy texture. We jokingly tell people, "A pint of our ice cream probably weighs as much as most store-bought half gallon boxes of ice cream."

   We use very unique ingredients when creating our ice cream. We believe in texture and that is why, for example, when making our pecan pie ice cream, we literally fold an entire 12" pie into each batch. It is for this reason that we do not offer toppings at any or our locations. We feel our ice cream is perfect without adding any additional toppings or syrups to it.

   We hope that our passion is evident with every scoop of ice cream.


Ice Cream

That's right. We list dessert first. Our ice cream is our pride and joy and you'll taste that in every scoop.


Hot, handcrafted pizza is made to order and ready in minutes. Try our Pizza Of The Month!

Wraps & Salads

Have a grilled wrap or salad. Make it a meal with chips, a beverage, and a scoop of ice cream.

Our Locations

We have three locations serving Bliss Artisan Ice Cream, Handcrafted Pizza, Wraps, and Salads.

Bliss on 6th

10 NW 6th Street
Evansville, IN

Mount Vernon

111 East Water Street
Mount Vernon, IN

Tell City

600 Humboldt Street
Tell City, IN

Dine in

Enjoy artisan ice cream, handcrafted pizza, made to order grilled wraps, and salads at any one of our locations.

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